Bonus Food Pic: The Betterman From Fiddlestix

Hey look, it’s another picture of food from Fiddlestix in Cornwall. It must seem like this is the only place we eat at and, well, that’s because it’s kind of true. I love this place because they do so many specials every single week. I’m a big fan of variety and they’ve got it, so I’m a big fan of Fiddlestix. I’m also a big, big fan of this sandwich, The Betterman, which was unfortunately a special. I say unfortunately because it was so face-slappingly amazing that I want to eat it all day every day. You’ve got sliced roast beef with caramelized onions and…well, I forget. There might have been blue cheese involved? I was so excited about putting this in my face, that I just dove right in and didn’t take any notes about what I was eating. I should also point out that Fiddlestix also changes their pasta salad on a regular basis. While there have been plenty of tasty versions, they went creamy with this one and I love that style. Great stuff, as always.


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