Take A CPR Class!

Last Sunday, the three of us headed to one of the offices our midwives work their practice out of for an American Heart Association CPR class. When scheduling, I told my wife that I remembered a lot from the previous classes I had taken. I’ve been Red Cross certified twice in my life, once at 13 or 14 to get my babysitting certificate and again at 18 to graduate high school. My school had a swimming class that every Senior had to take unless you were in a certain number of AP classes. I took that number of AP classes to avoid swim class so before the year was up, I had to swim a mile and get my CPR certificate. I remember driving to a place I was completely unfamiliar with in my minivan, hoping I didn’t accidentally look at anyone the wrong way and then spent half a day breathing into topless half-mannequins. Literally the day before the class, though, my mom said that she had just re-certified and a lot had changed.

And, boy, she wasn’t kidding. The system is so much easier now. I remember bits and pieces of the old way–mechanics mostly–but this new system of 30 compressions (to the beat of “Staying Alive” or “Another One Bites The Dust”) followed by two breaths and repeat is incredibly easy to remember. We even went over how to use an AED machine which looks so simple a child could literally do it.

Most importantly, though, we went over baby, infant and child CPR and Heimlich maneuvers. Being a stay at home dad with an increasingly active little girl who seems dead set on putting every little bit of anything she finds on the floor in her mouth, choking is a worry I’ve always got in the back of my head. Now, with these new tools at my disposal, I feel a lot more prepared in case something does happen. Better safe than sorry and all that.


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